January 17, 2017

Doug Miller recognized as The Economist’s “World in 2016” most noteworthy predictor

In a contributed article to The Economist's annual The World in 2016 special edition, GlobeScan Foundation President, Doug Miller has been recognised for his public opinion pointers to the future.

Upon the latest release of The World in 2017, Daniel Franklin, Editor of the Economist’s “Year in 2016”, took to a recent podcast to name Doug as the most noteworthy predictor of any of the contributors to their “World in 2016” magazine:

I would like to take my hat off to at least one person, who is Doug Miller of GlobeScan, who we had a little piece from him on what you could tell on the basis of opinion polling on the future, and one of the things he pointed to was the drastic decline in the level of trust in American politics and institutions. He likened this to environmental devastation and said as a result of this you’re almost bound to get a big political shock in the year ahead – and sure enough that’s what we got in Donald Trump.”

Read Doug’s full 2016 article on The Economist or on the GlobeScan Foundation website

Doug Miller

Doug Miller founded GlobeScan in 1987, and has led its expansive growth and its transition to an evidence-based consultancy and engagement firm. A pioneer of global polling, Doug is also a respected practitioner of stakeholder engagement and collaborative action. Recognized as a leading public affairs specialist, he briefs corporate boardrooms and government leaders around the world. Doug is President of the GlobeScan Foundation.